Support & Service

Maintenance and after-sales support for Russian-made helicopters around the world provided by Helicopter Service Company (HSC). 

HSC’s mission is to expand the geographical coverage of its service centres while simultaneously promoting Russian Helicopters products in new markets.

HSC is responsible for overseeing after-sales servicing systems, supplying materials and aviation equipment to Russian Helicopters enterprises, and establishing service centres for Russian-made helicopters both in Russia and abroad. The company also supplies products and parts to companies operating Russian-made helicopters around the globe.

Since its foundation, HSC has developed and introduced a highly advanced rotorcraft servicing programme, including the creation of a call centre for Russian helicopter operators, a single price list and a common order system.

One of HSC's most important goals is to implement a comprehensive system that provides integrated logistical rotorcraft support covering all regions where Russian-built helicopters operate. This integrated maintenance system will be a single information platform in which all participants in the helicopter industry will operate and interact, including design bureaus, production facilities and components manufacturers. The system will oversee the entire life cycle of a product, from concept design to disposal. The introduction of this system will facilitate much closer cooperation between Russian Helicopters holdings and will optimise servicing processes and provide an additional verification of the authenticity of components.