About Russian Helicopters

About Russian Helicopters

Russian Helicopters is a leading player in the global helicopter industry, the sole Russian rotorcraft designer and manufacturer and one of the few companies worldwide with the capability to design, manufacture, service and test modern civilian and military helicopters. Russian Helicopters is part of State Corporation Rostec.

Russian Helicopters’ facilities span the entire country. The Company includes design bureaus, helicopter assembly plants, components production, maintenance and repair enterprises, aircraft repair plants, and helicopter service companies providing after-sales support in Russia and abroad. Russian Helicopters is headquartered in Moscow. It was established in 2007, but its key enterprises date back more than 70 years.

Russian Helicopters in Numbers

According to our data, in 2014 there were over 8,500 Russian helicopters operating in over 100 countries. Russian Helicopters products account for approximately 85% of the rotorcraft market in Russia and 14% of worldwide helicopter sales.

As of 2014, Russian Helicopters enterprises produced around 24% of the global military helicopter fleet, 35% of the global combat helicopter fleet, and 50% of the medium-heavy transport helicopter fleet.

Russian Helicopters has produced a record 71% of the global ultra-heavy helicopter fleet (MTOW more than 20 tons), as well as 69% of the global medium helicopter fleet with MTOW from 7 to 20 tons.

Russian Helicopters delivers growth across its key financial and operational indicators. In 2014 revenue increased by 22.8% year-on-year to RUB 169.8 billion, and EBITDA grew by 78.7% to RUB 47.0 billion. Profit increased by 118.6% to RUB 20.7 billion.

In 2014 Russian Helicopters produced 271 helicopters. As of December 2014, the Company’s firm order book stood at 546 helicopters.

Company Highlights

Russian Helicopters is the global leader in some of the world’s most promising and high-growth market segments, including:

No.1 manufacturer in Russia & CIS;

No.1 manufacturer globally in the medium/heavy and ultra-heavy rotorcraft segments;

No.1 manufacturer globally in the attack helicopters segment.

We own some of the world’s leading technologies and production facilities, and produce some of the most sought-after and record-breaking helicopters in the world such as:

  • Mi-8/17 — the most widely operated helicopter in history, produced in various different contemporary modifications;
  • Mi-26(T) — heaviest lifting helicopter capable of transporting up to 20 tons of cargo;
  • Ка-32A11BC — multirole coaxial helicopter successfully employed in fire-fighting and search and rescue missions.

Russian Helicopters continuing to develop new helicopter models and technologies, which serve to strengthen its position on the global market:

  • Mi-38 — a medium/heavy transport helicopter meeting the latest standards. The Mi-38 was created to solve transport maintenance problems for industrial and commercial enterprises, as well as to solve problems with accessibility for transport in remote areas with poor infrastructure;
  • Ka-62 — a medium multi-role helicopter designed using the latest composite materials, technologies and developments. The Ka-62 meets Russian and international standards of airworthiness, as well as international standards and regulations covering offshore operations in terms of reliability, service life and flight safety;
  • RACHEL – an advanced medium commercial helicopter, designed to become a substitute for the legendary Mi-8/17 in the future. The RACHEL (Russian Advanced Commercial Helicopter) is designed to eliminate deficits in the company’s product line and also to support sales of medium commercial helicopters in the world market in the medium and long term.

Russian Helicopters systematically upgrades its series produced models, producing new modifications in response to usage in various part of the world. This helps form a world-class and highly competitive global helicopter industry and provides Russian Helicopters with a stable position among the world's leading helicopter manufacturers.

  • Ka-226T – a light multipurpose helicopter based on the Ka-226. It boasts excellent manoeuvrability in cities and mountainous areas and requires little room for landing;
  • Mi-171A2 – one of the company’s most eagerly anticipated new products. The helicopter is a further development of the Mi-8/17 with significant changes in the structure and composition of its avionics, which boost performance while reducing operating costs;
  • Mi-26T2 – an upgraded version of the record-breaking Mi-26T. The Mi-26T2’s array of on-board equipment ensures the helicopter can operate in any part of the world and performs to international standards. It is fitted with the latest avionics, making it possible to reduce the number of crew needed from five to two, plus an operator should the external sling be in use.
Russian Helicopters occupies leading positions in the fast-growing markets of India and China and is rapidly expanding its presence in South and Central America, the Middle East and Africa.

Research and Development

Russian Helicopters boasts very strong R&D capabilities. Two major world-class rotorcraft-designing schools, Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant and Kamov are part of the Holding. The history of two design bureaus is closely intertwined with the lives of the two men after whom they were named, Mikhail Mil and Nikolai Kamov, who are universally considered the founding fathers of Russia’s helicopter industry. Nikolai Kamov, who has been credited with coining the Russian word for helicopter, "vertolyot", was actively involved in design and development of an autogyro, a predecessor of a helicopter, in the 1920s. Under the guidance of Mikhail Mil the first Russian series produced helicopter was created.

Our Production Facilities

Our key production facilities include Kazan Helicopters, Rostvertol, Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company and Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise. Stupino Engineering Productive Enterprise and Reductor-PM produce rotorcraft components.

Service and Support

Russian Helicopters is focused on creating optimum conditions for operators in terms of the full life cycle service support and repair of Russian-made helicopters. Providing highly qualified service and after sales support for Russian Helicopters is a key element in Russian Helicopters’ development strategy. Via a global network of Russian Helicopters own and partner service centres, the Company is able to offer high-quality after-sales service provision in all countries where rotorcraft produced by Russian Helicopters are operated.

In 2014, Russian Helicopters expanded to include five aircraft repair companies formerly under the Defence Ministry. These companies have unique capabilities in the maintenance and repair of aviation equipment and significantly strengthen the after-sales service provision for Russian-made commercial and military helicopters.

Russian Helicopters quickly resolves challenges that arise, as it works to improve the efficiency of its service system and plans to increase the share of revenues from after-sales service of helicopters to 35%.

Russian Helicopters is taking its Global Service System to a new level as the company has been granted a Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation licence to carry out foreign trade activity in after-sales service, including for military products.