The 10-th-Anniversary MAKS Air Show came to a close on August 21 in Zhykovsky


Perhaps it was the most impressive for its lifetime. The visitors could see hundreds of units of new aircraft and developments of the space industry. The world wide famous aerobatics teams demonstrated their skills for them.

MAKS-2011 has become for Rostvertol Plc a special jubilee twice as the company did not miss any of them since its establishment.

The Rostvertol participated in it as part of the Russian Helicopters display. Boris N. Slyusar, Director General, headed the Rostvertol delegation.

The remote-controlled models of combat Mi-28NE and heavy-lift transport Mi-26T2 helicopters were demonstrated at the Stand. Helicopters manufactured by Rostvertol Plc attracted not only specialists and potential partners but aviation-fans as well.

Also, real samples of the above mentioned helicopters were of great interest. They were visited by official delegations, pilots, designers as well as enthusiast-fanciers. These visits were interrupted only during flights which were held daily irrespective of weather conditions.

The Mi-26T2 was a real star of the Air Show. Long queues of reporters of central TV-channels, officials (as well as participants of International Transport Congress which was held as part of MAKS-2011) were seen near the helicopter more than once. And everybody was really impressed with the size and capabilities of Mi-26T2.

In whole, Russian Helicopters, which is the part of United Industrial Corporation Oboronprom, introduced at the International Aerospace Air Show a wide range of helicopters including new Mi-34C1, Ka-226T, Mi-38 and Mi-26T2. These and others civil and combat helicopters of Russian production including combat Mi-28NE Night Hunter and Ka-52 Alligator visitors could see during the period from 16 to 21 August in Zhykovsky at the static display of  holding company Russian Helicopters and also at the C 3 exhibition hall.

Director General of Russian Helicopters Dmitry Petrov said: “The holding company produces unique types of helicopters. We have kept the expertise and retain the position of Russia in the dynamic global helicopter market. The holding company continues to develop and it is ready for fair competition with the participation of new helicopters produced by Russia which are presented today at the Air Show. After the consolidation of helicopter manufacturing branch Russian Helicopters is one of the most quick-growing helicopter manufacturer in the world”.

Rosoboronexport PLC adopted new dynamic format at the Air Show. Before jubilee MAKS-2011 was built separate exhibition hall (D0) with installed interactive exhibition complex. For the first time it was presented to the wide audience on “IDEKS-2011” Air Show in Abu-Dhabi last February. Then main export versions of arms of ground forces were shown in a new format.

Before MAKS the complex was updated, so visitors could see on the wide panoramic screen examples of use of Russian aircraft including fighters Su-35 and MiG-29M, combat training plain Yak-130, combat helicopters Mi-28NE and Ka-52A, military-transport helicopter Mi-171Sh and transport helicopter Mi-26T. In total -15 samples. Thanks to the fact that the complex was created on the basis of new training technologies its usage at exhibitions allows to modulate various situations (including combat situations) more informatively and (that is the most important point) demonstrate in dynamic and spectacular format possibilities of domestic technique.

According to the experts’ opinion, MAKS-2011 completely met expectations of specialists, first of all by its business results. So the total sum of negotiated contracts and deals by estimate exceeded 10 billion US dollars that is higher than results of the Air Show in 2009 year.

The representativeness’ record of recent years was beaten: 842 companies from 40 countries took part in the Air Show. Out of 241 aircraft which were shown to specialists and aviation-fans at the airfield of Flight Researched Institute named Gromov, 91 took part in demonstration flights. Favorable weather which made flights possible persisted in Zhykovsky during first four days of Air Show. Only on the last day of the Air Show it was havily raining but it couldn’t prevent from flying Russian and foreign aces – flight program was executed.

The main event of the air show was public demonstration of capabilities of the V –generation fighter Т-50, whose flights at the airfield were always greeted with applause. The real decoration of the festival became Russkie Vityazi, Strigi and Sokoli Rossii which constantly delighted spectators of the air show. And real romantics from aerobatics team Rus could make a declaration of love to all girls at air show by drawing a giant heart in the sky which was pierced with the Cupid’s arrow.

The main guests of the festival became specially flown to MAKS-2011 Boing-787 Dreamliner and the biggest airbus in the world A380.

Guests of the festival could also go into the past.  From the stylized as the soviet airfield of Second World War II area, took off into the sky restored legendary planes  as I-16, MiG-3 and Po-2. Special coloring to the peculiar «time machine» added real field kitchen.

In total, air show MAKS-2011 was visited by 440 000 people.


«Le Bourget - 2011»

The 49-th International Aeronautical Paris Airshow’2011 has bitten all previous records both in terms of attendance and number of concluded contracts.  

Within five business days of the Show totally 145 thousand visitors involved into aerospace sector saw the impressive exhibition space.   A record-breaking number of exhibits were displayed during last Airshow: 2113 from 45 countries. In whole the visitors could see 140 aircraft both of civil and military engineering.

One more record was also set in terms of common visitors: during seven days Monday through Sunday about 200 thousand guests passed through the exhibition gates.  

In general aircraft builders could sign $100 billion worth contracts, whereas in 2009 the outcome of $17 billion was quite more unassuming.

The biggest number of contracts was concluded by Airbus Concern, though the beginning of Airshow was of no much success to Airbus. On the 19th of June a day before solemn opening ceremony A380 the biggest passenger liner touched one of the airport buildings during taxing. It was not of much harm to the building but A380 had to be repaired. Furthermore A380 as a pride of European aviation industry was supposed to take part in demonstration flights. The company found the way out quickly: they asked Korean Air to lend A380. By day three of the Airshow the liner, which was initially scheduled to fly, “recovered”: Airbus team of 30 technicians repaired the wing promptly.

Totally the company got the orders for $72,2 billion, at that fixed contracts are priced at $44 billion (418 airplanes); and $28 billion (312 airplanes) are covered by intention agreements. Summingup730 airlinerswereordered. 

As for Airbus main competitor – American Boeing– the orders for airplanes were not so much impressive, nevertheless Boeing managed to sign contracts for $ 22 billion worth’ 142 airliners.   

Most of the orders were set for B737. A contract with Russian UTair – which is one of major Boeing clients in Russia - was of no exception; 40 airliners 737 NG (Next Generation) were ordered at a time. The sum of transaction – as per catalogue prices – is 3,3 billion dollars.

Among other Boeing partners, which concluded contracts at Le Bourget, it is worth to mention Aeroflot. As a matter of fact this contract turned out to be quite more unassuming compared to the one concluded with UTair; the biggest national air carrier ordered only eight Boeing 777–300ER.

During Le Bourget Airshow some big and of no small importance contracts were signed by global engine companies. General Electrics company as well as CFM International and Engine Alliance consortium (GE is a part of it) obtained various contracts $27 billion worth.

British Rolls-Royce Company concluded $ 2,9 billion worth contracts including those  signed on behalf of International Aero Engines (IAE) consortium, which apart from Rolls-Royce   incorporating Pratt&Whitney and MTU Aero Engines.

P&W company which have not published total contract figures yet could sell generally about 200 PurePower engines. Besides it succeeded in earning $780 million minimum concluded on behalf of IAE and Engine Alliance consortium.

As for the displays themselves its worth noting that the visitors’ interest was attracted to new developments of Boeing Company. It is at Le Bourget Airshow where international debut of 747-8I and 747-8F new Boeing airliners took place. Besides the visitors could get acquainted with long-expected Dreamliner 787. Also Boeing 737-700 featuring Sky Interior of Air Berlin company was demonstrated as well.

During Airshow it was announced about agreement between Boeing Company and American Airlines concerning ecoDemonstrator program; in the course of program one of 737-800 airplanes will be participating in flight tests using new types of biofuel. Subsequently one of the fuel types may be allowed for permanent usage.

Technical capabilities of Airbus products were also demonstrated. One more time A380 which had been already included into some airlines fleet performed demonstration flights. ZEHST project (Zero Emission High Super Sonic Transport) supersonic plane became one of the remarkable exhibits displayed by Airbus and according to concern representatives statement it must be put into operation in 2050. At that the first prototype of the aircraft will be constructed by 2020.

The main specific feature about ZEHST project is certainly the speed. According to the estimations the flight from Paris to Tokyo will take only two hours and a half. At that it will be capable to airlift from 50 to 100 passengers and fly at altitudes of 32 kilometers. In EADS leadership’s opinion the liner must find the niche which in due time was occupied by the legendary Concorde.

During the show a lot of attention was attracted to the first ever flight of Solar Impulse plane designed by Bertrand Piccard and powered by solar batteries; the aircraft is capable of flying powered by Solar energy unrestrictedly long while the energy is stored in batteries daytime. The aircraft wingspan is comparable to that of Airbus A340. Thecreationofaircrafttookeightyears. The first considerable flight was performed on May 13 from Switzerland to Belgium. Today the total flight time of the “solar” aircraft is 150 flight hours. This flying machine resembles in its shape a giant dragonfly with a wing span of 63 meters. These wings covered by solar batteries in terms of its relative weight are comparable to those of the dragonfly because they are made of carbonic plastic which provides their lightness but not durability at all. Due to its fragile wings the airplane was displayed to the public in a narrow hangar so it was no chance to take a picture of it.

The other sensation of the Airshow became a Eurocopter-made X3 (X-Cube) high-speed helicopter which is none other than a hybrid of the helicopter and airplane. X3 helicopter capable of increasing the speed up to 450 km/h which is two times higher than a speed of a normal helicopter. According to the manufacturer’s estimation in future this rotor wing can be used for long-run search and rescue operations, off-shore and boarder lines patrolling, passengers/cargoes airlifting as well  as troops carrying.    X3 helicopter took part in demonstration flights though was not at a static display. 

Sikorsky company – competitor of Eurocopter in terms of designing a high-speed hybrid helicopter – demonstrated the model of Sikorsky X2 at the booth.  

Traditionally one of the largest pavilions was devoted to Russian display.  GK Russian Technologies as the organizers of domestic exposition rented 1700 square meters.

Though some significant brand-news were not brought to the Airshow: the one could get acquainted with Russian-made products at Le Bourget mainly “with the help of multi-media presentations, mock ups, videos, promotion actions, posters”.

Representatives of Russian aircraft industry also succeeded in concluding some contracts. Particularly Sukhoy Civil Aircraft Close Corporation agreed on selling 12 SSJ100 airplanes to Indonesian Airlines Sky Aviation.

12 more SSJ100 airliners were sold to the Italian air carrier - Blue Panorama.

As for other Russian project MS-21 narrow-fuselage airplane no contracts were concluded at Le Bourget.

Meanwhile Joint Aircraft Corporation (JAC) promised in the next 1,5-2 years to work out a plan on designing a long haul airplane. This was reported by the JAC leader Mr. Mikhail Pogosyan. According to him the company is already determined to design the aircraft but still the flight range and the intended market segment is unknown. Such a decision in Mr. M. Pogosyan’s opinion is caused by the fact that the company should have 3 airplanes in the product line to be able to hold a stable own on the aviation market.

Furthermore a contract on supply of 10 An-158 was signed between GP Antonov and Ilyshin Finance Co. (IFC) leasing company.

During Paris Airshow 2011 the Russian-made Be-200 amphibian aircraft took part in demonstration flights (water discharge simulating fire-fighting operation was demonstrated) which arouse an interest of the French governmental bodies.

Though it does not go beyond than just talks about the interest in this project yet the aircraft is still likely to be ordered.

Sukhoy Super Jet 100 also participated in a flight programme.

Russian helicopter industry products were displayed in two booths.

Commercial helicopters were exhibited at the booth of Russian Helicopters JSC and military ones at the booth of FSUE Rosoboronexport.

The specialists of the companies listed below were the members of Russian Helicopters JSC delegation:

1.     Rostvertol PLC

2.     Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant JSC

3.     Kamov JSC

4.     KVZ JSC

5.     UUAZ JSC

6.     KumAPP JSC


·        Upgraded Mi-171М

·        Mi-38helicopter

·         Ка-62medium helicopter

·        Mi-34S1light helicopter

·        Ка-226Т lightmultitaskhelicopter

·        Ка-32А11VS helicopter






“HeliRussia’ 2011” 4th International exhibition of the helicopter industry was held from May 19 to May 21 of 2011 at “KROCUS EXPO” International Exhibition Center (Moscow city), in which participated 161 companies from 17 countries of the world. Morethan 7 000 visitors were registered at “HELIRUSSIA’ 2011”. From among them there were prominent political and statesmen of the Russian Federation and other countries, representatives of the foreign military departments, as well as businessmen and helicopter sports amateurs.


From April 12 to April 15 of the current year a major Latin-American arms & defense technologies exhibition and conference was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. PLC “ROSTVERTOL” exhibited its produce at the joint stand of JSC “The Helicopters of Russia”. Supporting of MI-35M helicopter positive image and MI-26T helicopter promotion were priority activity aims at said exhibition.


From March 8 to March 10 of 2011 PLC “ROSTVERTOL” took part at the joint stand of JSC “The Helicopters of Russia” in “Asian Aerospace’ 2011” congress exhibition of the aerospace industry, held in Hong Kong. Chinaisapermanentpartnerofourenterprise. Three MI-26TS helicopters were supplied to China, where they are operated successfully to extinguish fires and to eliminate consequences of the emergency situations.

«Aero India-2011»

“AERO INDIA’ 2011” aerospace show was held from February 9 to February 13 of 2011 in the city of BUNGALORE, India. The produce of our enterprise was exhibited at the common stand of JSC “The Helicopters of Russia”. The Indian market is considered very promising marketplace for the Russian helicopter produce. Two helicopters MI-28NE and MI-62T2, produced by PLC “ROSTVERTOL”, participate in the tender bargains, being announced by the Air Force of this country.



«AirShow China-2010»

“Air Show China – 2010” exhibition was held from October 16 to October 21 in Chinese Chjukhai. China is considered as one of the most promising foreign marketplaces for PLC “ROSTVERTOL” produce. Our enterprise produce was presented at the common stand of JSC “The Helicopters of Russia”. The helicopters of PLC “ROSTVERTOL” make enjoyed sincere interest on the part of said exhibition visitors.

«African Aerospace and Defence-2010»

“African Aerospace and Defense – 2010” exhibition was held from September 21 to September 25 in Cape Town (SAR). During the timeframe of its existence this exhibition acquired reputation of the main South African aerospace and defense systems show, as well as of the military and double application equipment demonstration. PLC “ROSTVERTOL” took part in this exhibition at the common stand of JSC “The Helicopters of Russia”. From among helicopters, being produced by our enterprise, MI-35M and MI-35P helicopter models were exhibited on the stand.


From July 19 to July 25 PLC “ROSTVERTOL” delegation took part in “Farnborough-2010” air show (Farnborough, Great Britain), which is one of the major European aerospace shows. The models of all helicopters, produced by PLC “ROSTVERTOL” were presented at the common stand of JSC “The Helicopters of Russia”. The enterprise delegation was headed by its General Director, Boris Nikholaevich Slyusar.


“ILA-2010” International aircraft show was held from June 8 to June 13 in Berlin, Germany. PLC “ROSTVERTOL” participated there in at the common stand of JSC “The Helicopters of Russia”. MI-26T, the most cargo capacious helicopter in the world, raised sincere interest of the Europeans.


“HeliRussia-2010” 3rd International exhibition of the helicopter industry was held from May 20 to May 22 in Moscow. Designers, manufacturers of the helicopters and those of the helicopter simulators, completing items and passenger cabins, as well as of special equipment for the helicopters were widely presented at this exhibition. PLC “ROSTVERTOL” presented its produce at individual exposition stand. Apart from the helicopter models, exhibited on the stand of our enterprise produce, it was also presented a new MI-28N “Night Hunter” helicopter at stationary parking area before the main entrance to the exposition pavilion.


“FIDAE-2010” International military aerospace and aircraft exhibition was held from March 23 to March 28 in Santiago, Chile. The Latin-American region represents one of the most perspective marketplaces for PLC “ROSTVERTOL” produce. Our enterprise took part in this exhibition on the common stand of JSC “The Helicopters of Russia”.