The enterprise history dates back from July of 1939, when by virtue of the USSR Government Decree № 187 of 01.07.1939 it was established respective plant № 168, based on domestic wood working integrated works in RYAZAN city, which later on was transferred under the auspices of the Peoples’ Commissariat of the aviation industry.

In that time main produce of said plant were wooden aviation propellers, intended for military and civil airplanes, as well as field photo laboratories for air photo shots treatment. Please visit our main page for details, or Mi-26T heavylift page.


In the beginning of the Great Patriotic War they started to produce at this plant MIG-3 fighter wings and then they started to produce КЦ-20 landing twenty seat gliders. In October of 1941 this plant was evacuated to VOLZHSK town of Mari ASSR, where it was arranged production of UT-2M aircraft instead of КЦ-20 gliders.

In October of 1944 said plant № 168 was transferred from VOLZHSK town to Rostov-on-Don city, on the territory of available aviation plant № 87, being established in May of 1943, based on local motocar assembly plant. Local plant № 87 became a member of the plant № 168.